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Practices with Promise Showcase

The Practices with Promise Showcase is one of the tools provided for the AEBG Adult Education Regional Consortium Program to support stakeholders in developing and sharing best practices. Here you can submit your regional collaboration success stories, testimonials and innovations which will be shared on the AEBG website.

Innovation Categories:
Alignment of Programs
Seamless Transitions
Articulation Pathways
Supportive Services
Partnerships & Collaboration
Consortium Organization
Classroom Practices
Curriculum Development
Access to Services
Student Acceleration
Professional Development

Alignment of Programs

Consortium members align ESL course levels for seamless transitions
The Citrus College Adult Education Consortium aligned curricula across the region to help ESL students move seamlessly between member institutions and, eventually, to college credit courses.  Read story +

Adult schools, college join to align 100+ courses to smooth college transition 
The Education to Career Network of North San Diego County brought together more than 40 faculty members for the Curriculum Alignment Project, and they created alignment where there had been none.  Read story +

Mendocino College, adult school collaborate to launch college noncredit course 
Mendocino Lake Adult and Career Education- ML ACE started a Mendocino College noncredit English as a second language course at Anderson Valley Adult School that is being replicated districtwide.  Read story +

Alignment of Courses and Seamless Transition
Meeting the challenge, collaborating and planning, building links from AE to CC for ESL students. Read story +

Seamless Transitions

Bridge course paves way to community college for adult learners
Members of the Southern Alameda County Consortium designed a class that helped to make the idea of college less intimidating for adult school students. Read story +

Summer bridge program helps create seamless transition to community college
The Long Beach City College Adult Education Program hosted a five-week summer program that led to all participants successfully enrolling in college. Read story +

Contextualized, integrated math helps photovoltaic trainees succeed
Math and career education instructors at the Los Angeles Unified School District’s East Los Angeles Skills Center jointly developed a curriculum designed to remove obstacles.  Read story +

Consortium leverages resources to hire full-time transition specialist
The Chabot-Las Positas/Mid-Alameda County Consortium solved a student service challenge by leveraging funds. Read story +

Strategic partnerships support adult education efforts
Saddleback College, in the South Orange County Regional Consortium, collaborated with partners to transition adult students from its largest K-12 feeder districts.
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College, adult school strengthen already strong partnership to benefit students
College of Marin and Tamalpais Adult School work in partnership to ensure multiple pathways exist for entry into college for adult learners. Read story +


Sucessful k-12 to Adult Education Transtion
After visiting comparable programs with special education services in place, Hemet Adult School modeled a special education service plan for 2015-16 school year
Read story +

Articulation Pathways

Sucessful k-12 to Adult Education Transtion
After visiting comparable programs with special education services in place, Hemet Adult School modeled a special education service plan for 2015-16 school year.  Read story +

Supportive Services

Mining the data: Consortium hires specialist to help with data collection
The State Center Adult Education Consortium looked to a data and accountability specialist to help small, rural adult schools and community colleges gather required information.
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Imperial County Adult Education Employability Skills Support Services
Student success support. Work readiness workshops. Employability skills support.
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Unique Approach to Serving Brain Injury Survivors
For several decades, San Diego Community College District’s Continuing Education has provided 3 free non-credit, unique programs for adult brain injury survivors–the Acquired Brain Injury Programs.  Read story +

Partnerships & Collaboration

Relationship-building effort opened door to meaningful collaboration, new school
Copper Mountain College and Morongo Unified School District joined to reopen Monument School to serve as CTE Pathways institute.  Read story +

College field trips inspire adult learners to chart their educational paths
Members of the East Region Adult Education consortium (San Diego) worked together to launch monthly college visits to help students envision it in their futures.  Read story +

Succession planning: adapting apprenticeships to fit a rural community
To address the lack of apprenticeships in rural Plumas County, Feather River’s Adult Education Consortium joined partners to create a Succession-Planning Program.
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ESL Acquisition and Student Success in Math Collaboration
In an afterschool program, VACE provides classes where contextualized basic mathematics serves as a vehicle for student math acquisition and their parents language acquisition.
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Program successful in preparing individuals with autism for jobs as machinists
Glendale Community College partnered with several entities to launch the Uniquely Abled Academy, which placed its entire first cohort in a job.  Read story +


Collaborating to re-establish ESL classes for the Bellflower community
PAACE consortium members coordinated efforts and leveraged resources to offer ESL courses to a community that had been without for years.  Read story +

Adult school steps up to fill role held by one-stop workforce center
Members of the Sierra Joint Consortium partnered to continue providing workforce development services and to launch additional adult education programming when previous center had to scale back.  Read story +

School districts partner to restore adult education services in Coachella Valley
The Coachella Valley Adult School and the Desert Sands Unified School District pooled resources to expand their adult education reach.   Read story +

Consortium creates postsecondary transition via college courses at adult school
Solano Community College faculty and K-12 adult school teachers co-taught college classes for adult students.   Read story +

Consortium implements uniform regional student support approach
Members of the San Luis Obispo County Adult Education Consortium adopted a noncredit community college program.
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Consortium hosts community workshops to gather valuable input for regional plan
With more than 300 participants, the Antelope Valley Adult Education Regional Consortium was able to develop an adult education plan that truly reflected the region’s needs.  Read story +

Jointly staffed one-stop center brings convenience to adult learners 
The Allan Hancock Community College Consortium worked to integrate the services of major state and federally funded agencies at a single location.  Read story +

Program puts incarcerated youth back on path to work
The Salinas Valley Adult Education Consortium collaborated with a wide range of partners for innovative career education and workforce development programming for youth 18 years and older. Read story +

Consortium collaborates to spread the word about adult education in the region
Members of the South Bay Adult Education Consortium organized a variety of events and produced a newspaper insert to share the region’s planned changes to adult education. Read story +

Consortium takes learning on the road with caravan day tour
The Rio Hondo Regional Adult Education Consortium organized day tours that drew 70 members and outside agencies to see first-hand how each member contributed to adult education in the region. Read story +

Consortium members combine resources to better serve adult learners 
Members of the West Hills College Consortium collaborated to strategically expand the region’s adult education resources.  Read story +

Small, rural region comes together for comprehensive planning
For nine months, members of the Lake Tahoe consortium collaborated to develop a plan for region-wide program efficiencies and scalability.  Read story +

Long Beach Adult Education Consortium: Re-establishing services to adults
Type of Practice: collaborative and coordinated professional development, leveraging of resources Targeted Population: Adult Basic Education Students, High School Equivalency Students, Return.  Read story +

VCAEC Cooks Up A Culinary Pre-Apprenticeship Program 
Ventura Adult and Continuing Education partnered with the American Culinary Federation to develop the county’s first pre-apprenticeship program. Students learn and earn while receiving certifications.  Read story +

Web Developer/Coding Pathway Collaboration
An Adult School, Community College and CBO work together to provide a pathway to in-demand jobs and higher level certification.  Read story +

Partnership to provide ESL to ELL elementary school children’s parents
Partnership between Community College, County Office of Education, CSU and elementary schools helps parents learn English, gain computer skills, study for a GED and move on to college credit classes.  Read story +

Leveraging Of Resources:
Saddleback College Adult Education partners offer opportunities for shared resources.  Read story +

I.C. Stakeholders gather frequently for Information Exchange and Input
Imperial County Adult Education Consortium Stakeholders gather frequently during planning process for information exchange, input, and shared vision.  Read story +

Contextualized Basic Skills Creates CTE Success
ESL and Auto Tech instructors collaborate to foster success for students who require basic skills support for Auto Tech curriculum.  Read story +

Building Bridges: Adult School and Community College Collaboration 
Because of the AB86 planning efforts, an adult school and community college partnered to create an ESL course that is held on the adult school campus, but taught by a college ESL instructor.  Read story +

Glendale Forges New Partnerships & Uses WIB to Aid in Data Gathering
To better serve adult learners, the Glendale AB86 Collaborative utilized a workforce investment board to collect data. Other new partnerships have resulted in new areas of collaboration.  Read story +

Consortium Organization

Mini Grant Applications for Allocations of AEBG funds
Creating a Mini Grant application with consortium edits and approval for AEBG funding requests. Applicants presented to the consortium and a review committee evaluated the applications.  Read story +

Building Pathways: The Emergence of a Project Director 
Having gone through the planning process and gaining a better understanding of what was to come with this grant, the Project Director position was created to help build synergy and communication. Read story +

Classroom Practices

ESL students succeed in personal care assistants class
The San Diego Adult Education Regional Consortium teamed an ESL instructor and a registered nurse to co-teach this specialized course for English language learners.  Read story +

Boosting High School Completion
In Spring 2013, San Diego Continuing Education’s HS Diploma program shifts from independent study format to an accelerated, instructor-supported cohort model.  Read story +

Curriculum Development

Self-paced course improves citizenship outcomes
Adult school in the Mt. San Antonio Regional Consortium wanted to boost success rates to increase students’ chances of higher-wage employment.  Read story +

Curriculum and Digital Badging: Preparing Adult Learners for a Global Economy
Members of the Feather River Adult Education Consortium collaborated to develop a 21st-Century Soft Skills curriculum.  Read story +

SOCRC Blending ESL Curriculum Best Practices
The SOCRC has created a blended “best practices” ESL curriculum solution to meet the challenge of varying adult learner needs in the consortium.   Read story +

Access to Services

Virtual Presence Learning Classroom
Classrom that allows students to connect with other students/classrooms via the world wide web. Read story +

Student Acceleration

College provides highly accelerated noncredit pathway to military promotion 
Barstow Community College, a member of the Barstow Area Consortium for Adult Education, created an intensive three-week course that helps service members strengthen foundational skills.  Read story +

NOCRC launches Project Asparagus: I-BEST in Action
The NOCRC initiated an action research project in spring 2015 that utilized the I-BEST model as a best practice to accelerate students’ progress and academic and career goal attainment.  Read story +

Acceleration strategies help advance student academic, career goals
The Inland Adult Education Consortium (IAEC) piloted three student acceleration models during the 2016-17 program year: a cohort model, co-location of services and a noncredit boot camp.  Read story +

New career pathway merges English acquisition and early childhood credential
The Contra Costa County Adult Education Consortium designed Project ACCESS to address a high-density, low-income population lacking high school diplomas and having low-to-no English proficiency.  Read story +

Accelerating Students to Reach Educational or Career Goals:
Saddleback College, in partnership with the South Coast Regional Occupational Program (SCROP), will continue to help provide programs and opportunities which serve the career training needs of adults.  Read story +

Professional Development

Consortium collaborates to host region-wide professional development
Members of the Stanislaus Mother Lode Adult Education Consortium collaborated to host regional professional development sessions around college and career readiness standards (CCRS).  Read story +

Career Skills Institute provides workplace preparation, satisfies employer needs
A first in the California Community Colleges system, Santa Barbara Community College launched the noncredit certificate program tailored to meet the employability demands of today’s workforce.   Read story +

Career Skills Institute provides workplace preparation, satisfies employer needs
A first in the California Community Colleges system, Santa Barbara Community College launched the noncredit certificate program tailored to meet the employability demands of today’s workforce.   Read story +

Specialist trains educators to better serve students with disabilities
A workgroup focused on adults with disabilities identified the needs of students with disabilities and found that professional development for teachers should be a priority.  Read story +

Launch event helps inform region about digital badging initiative
The ABout Students Regional Consortium for Adult Education in Riverside held a daylong launch event to ensure members had all the information they needed to launch a new digital badging initiative. Read story +

Collaborative and Coordinated Professional Development:
Saddleback Adult Education has hired 28 new Associate Faculty since launching Adult ESL and Citizenship courses in Fall 2015.  Read story +

Regional Conference Showcased the Plan and Professional Development
The Mt. SAC Adult Education Regional Consortium held a regional conference to share its plan among all constituents and broaden understanding of the plan and programs. Read story +

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